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world sports

Patball — college yard sport performed with arms or head for hitting the ball towards a wall. Para-Cycling — cycle racing occasions utilizing variations for disabled athletes, corresponding to tandem bikes and hand-cycling. Nordic Skiing — a field of competitive snowboarding which incorporates all events where the heel of the boot can’t be fixed to the ski (versus Alpine snowboarding). Includes Cross-Country Skiing, Ski Jumping, and Biathlon, Nordic Combined and Telemark Skiing.

Quadrathlon — an endurance sports event composed of the four individual disciplines of swimming, kayaking, biking and running – also known as quadriathlon. Pelota Mixteca — an historic game much like tennis with no net, the ball is hit with decorated gloves.

Nordic Combined — a Winter Olympics sport by which athletes compete in a mixed event of Cross-Country Skiing and Ski Jumping. Newcomb Ball — an early variation of Volleyball, teams throw a ball backwards and forwards until it hits the ground or is mishandled. Moscow Broomball — a variation of Broomball, an ice hockey sort sport, played in Moscow and only by non-Russians. Mob Football — A type of Medieval Football, usually an annual conventional occasion with a ball, limitless variety of players and only a few guidelines. Minigolf or Miniature Golf — a recreation utilizing only the placing facet of Golf, played on quick holes on synthetic placing surfaces often with obstacles.

Speed-Ball — an Egyptian racquet sport the place gamers hit a ball suspended from a central pole. Shot put — the observe and area occasion the place the members throw a heavy metal ball for maximum distance. Shooting Sports — many events involving shooting at targets utilizing weapons like pistols and rifles. Rounders — performed between two groups with a bat and ball, like baseball.

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  • Different versions of the game are believed to have been played by the Egyptians, Romans and the Greeks, though the trendy sport was first popularized in France.
  • Tennis has an estimated international following of 1 billion fans and a global sphere of influence.
  • Hockey — a wide range of indoor and outdoor staff sports which includes hitting a ball into a net.
  • The sport is performed by two groups of both one or two gamers each and includes bouncing a ball over a net by use of tennis rackets.

Spongee — an outdoor non-contact sport performed on an ice rink in rubber boots with a sponge puck instead of a tough puck like in ice hockey. Speed Pool — a cue sport, a Pocket Billiards recreation where the balls have to be pocketed in as little time as attainable.

Rinkball — similar to Rink Bandy, though played with ice hockey sticks as an alternative of bandy sticks which are extra like those used in field hockey. Rink Bandy — a variation of Bandy which originated in Sweden in the Nineteen Sixties, played on an ice hockey rink. Ringette — a really similar sport to ice hockey, although performed with a blue rubber ring and a straight stick. Relay Running — a monitor and area operating race in which athletes compete as a team, passing a baton from one runner to the subsequent.

Real Tennis — the sport from which the modern lawn tennis was derived. It is played in an indoor court docket of uneven dimensions, using guidelines and scoring much like those of contemporary tennis. Racketlon — a mixture sport, the place players compete in the sports of table tennis, tennis, squash, and badminton.

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Middle Distance — a set of track and field working events over distances similar to 800m, 1500m, not a sprint and never an endurance race. Long Drive — golf competitors in which gamers try and hit the ball the longest distance. Lelo Burti — a Georgian folk sport, a full contact ball sport similar to rugby. Krolf — a mix of croquet and golf, gamers use a mallet to hit the ball right into a gap.