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Paddle Tennis — a variation of tennis on a smaller court, lower internet, utilizing a stable paddle and ball. One-Pocket — a version of Pocket Billiards where the target is to pocket all the object balls into a single pocket. One Day International (ODI) — a type of Cricket performed in a single day, often 50 overs per staff. Obstacle Course Racing — an occasion requiring an athlete to run via a wide range of different obstacles.

Kemari — Japanese conventional sport with the aim to maintain one ball in the air. Kelly Pool — kind of pocket billiard game played on a regular pool desk, with fifteen numbered markers which participant choose from. Kart Racing — an open-wheel motorsport variant which uses small, open, four-wheeled vehicles called karts (or go-karts). Kaisa — a cue sport (kind carom billiards) mainly played in Finland.

Kite Boarding — a bunch of sports which use a kite for energy and a board for help, similar to Kitesurfing, Kite Landboarding, Snowkiting. Kickboxing — a bunch of stand-up combat sports primarily based on kicking and punching. Variations embody Pradal Serey (Cambodia), Sanda (China), Savate (France), Sikaran (Philippines). Kickball — a sort of baseball the place the gamers kick the ball, as an alternative of putting it with a bat.

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Jeu Provençal (Boule Lyonnaise) — a well-liked French form of Boules, where the target is to throw a set of hole metallic balls as shut as possible to a goal ball. Inline Speed Skating — athletes use inline skates to race around tracks. Inline Skating — also called roller blading, a variety of sports carried out while carrying skates with two to 5 polyurethane wheels arranged in a single line. Indoor Triathlon — swimming in an indoor pool, cycling on a stationary bike, and operating on an indoor track or treadmill. Indoor Netball — a variation of netball, performed indoors with netting throughout the court docket.

  • The sport is played by two groups of 15 gamers each, who carry, kick or cross a ball across the top line to score points.
  • Water Polo — a team sport played in swimming swimming pools, the goal is to move the ball over the water and into the goal internet.
  • From the UK, it spread to British colonies similar to Australia and New Zealand.

Jugger — a brutal sport impressed by the film “The Salute of the Jugger”, the objective is for the group to get to the other team’s foam canine cranium. Jokgu — a Korean sport which resembles a mix of soccer and volleyball.

Longue Paume — an outdoor version of the racket sport, jeu de paume, performed and not using a internet. Longboarding — a skateboarding sport during which athletes use a longboard to compete in races. Laser Tag — a skirmish sport in which players try to score points by tagging targets, usually with a hand-held infrared-emitting focusing on system.

Kneeboarding — a waterskiing occasion where a participant is pulled along whereas kneeling on a convex board. Kitesurfing — a board and kite are used on the water utilizing completely different types consisting of freeride, velocity, down winders and racing.

Nine-a-aspect Footy — a mini version of Australian Rules Football, with 3 gamers each designated as forwards, centres and backs. Motorcycle Speedway — a Motorsport by which the motorcycles have one gear and no brakes, and race round a circular observe. Motocross — a form of bike racing held on enclosed off-highway circuits which embrace embankments and jumps. Mölkky — gamers use a wood pin (also referred to as “mölkky”) to try to knock over wood pins. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) — a full contact particular person combat sport which incorporates elements of several different combat sports and martial arts.

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Mini Rugby — a modified model for Rugby Union, to make the game suitable to be launched to kids. Mind Sports — a household of sports by which the target is to check mental energy rather than bodily power. Some could also be thought of precise sports such as velocity cubing, whereas others not (reminiscence, chess). Marching Band — a big group of participants play musical instruments as they carry out numerous routines while moving around on a huge out of doors field. Mallakhamba — a standard Indian sport, where athletes perform numerous types of gymnastics strikes and hold various poses on a vertical picket pole or a rope.