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Toros Coleados — involves chasing down a bull while driving on horseback (additionally called Bull-Tailing). Tenpin Bowling — a participant rolls a bowling ball on to a wood or synthetic lane to knock down pins. Telemark Skiing — The bindings for telemark snowboarding holds the boot by the toes, in contrast to Alpine Skiing which is fixed-heel. Team Penning — the objective for each three-rider group on horseback is to separate three specific cattle from a herd. Target Archery — a popular Archery competition the place rivals shoot at stationary round targets from completely different distances.

Wheelchair Fencing — a model of Fencing by which disabled athletes struggle with skinny swords while sitting in wheelchairs that are tightly fastened to the ground. Wheelchair Dancing — all the individuals of a group perform dance routines whereas driving on a wheelchair.

Wushu — a full-contact sport derived from conventional Chinese martial arts. Wingsuit Flying — a type of skydiving, the place an individual will fly within the air utilizing a special jumpsuit referred to as the wingsuit.

Squat — a powerlifting event in which members attempt to carry out a squat with the utmost weight on their shoulders. Sport Aerobics — the objective is to carry out high-depth gymnastic moves in sync with background music.

Strongman — a sport which exams opponents’ power in a variety of alternative ways. Standup Paddleboarding — a person stands on a board and uses a paddle to propel themselves via the water. Ssireum — a folk wrestling type and conventional nationwide sport of Korea, with the purpose to deliver any part of the opponent’s body above the knee to the bottom.

Zourkhaneh — the Zourkhaneh (house of strength) is the standard gymnasium where the game of Varzesh-e Bastani or Pahlavani is practiced. Yotsudama — a variation of Four-Ball carom billiards played in East Asia. Xingyiquan — is one of the main “internal” styles of Chinese martial arts (most likely not a sport).

Wallyball — a variation of volleyball, which is played on a racquetball court docket enclosed with partitions on all 4 sides. Vintage Racing — a type of Auto-Racing, with vehicles restricted to Vintage types. Vault — a creative gymnastics occasion for men and women, during which the athlete leaps over a vault or pommel horse, using the hands for pushing off. Vajra-mushti — an Indian martial artwork by which a knuckleduster-like weapon known as the Vajra-mushti is employed. Uneven Bars — a creative gymnastics equipment used solely by female gymnasts comprising a pair of parallel bars set at completely different heights (additionally referred to as uneven bars).

  • Racket sports are video games during which players use rackets to hit a ball or different object.
  • However, this listing is broader and includes sport disciplines where gamers use not rackets however paddles (hand-held frame with flat boards or planks as an alternative of strings).
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  • Ritinis — a team sport from Lithuania, performed on a soccer field with goal posts with a puck thrown by bat with a handle and curved elongated end.


Synchronized Diving — a diving sport in which two divers perform the very same dive simultaneously. Surfboat Rowing — a team of riders compete utilizing surfboats on a course out and again through the surf.

Tumbling — a gymnastics event involving tumbling along a mat performing flips, rolls, jumps, performing somersaults and handsprings. Tractor Pulling — a motorsport involving modified tractors that pull a weighted sled alongside a 10m broad, 100m track. Track Cycling — bicycle races conducted on velodromes or other specifically designed tracks that characteristic a steep banking.

Soccer — the widespread name for Association Football within the USA, Australia and some other elements of the world. Competitive types embrace Alpine Skiing (or Downhill Skiing), and Cross-Country / Nordic Skiing. Snocross (or snowcross) — the preferred type of snowmobile racing, much like motocross but performed on snow.

Speed Skiing — the target is to ski downhill on a straight path as fast as possible. Speed Golf — a variation of golf during which the objective is to complete the course in the fewest possible variety of strokes and the fastest time potential.

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Slow-Pitch Softball — a version of Softball where the ball is pitched from 50 feet with a half a windmill underhand arm action. Slopestyle Snowboarding — athletes on a snowboard carry out on a course with a range of obstacles.