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Glima — a belt wrestling fashion from Scandinavia, based on a preferred sport of the Vikings from over 1200 years ago. Fuzzball — a road model of baseball performed in some areas of the US. Freediving — underwater diving sport which relies on the diver’s capability to hold their breath.

Gridiron Football — the term used outdoors of the US for American Football. Grass Skiing — entails skiing on grass-coated slopes on skis with wheels. Gorodki — a people sport from Russia, the place opponents strike down a group of cylindrical picket objects by throwing a bat.

Also generally known as “Terrasailing”, “avenue crusing”, “land crusing” and “filth windsurfing”. Land Sailing — racing in three-wheeled automobiles transferring across land powered by wind through the usage of a sail. Kurash — folks wrestling type from Central Asia by which wrestlers use towels to hold their opponents, and their aim is to throw their opponents off the toes. Kubb — a lawn recreation where the item is to knock over wood blocks (‘kubbs’) by throwing wooden batons at them. Knife Throwing — like archery, the knife is thrown in the direction of a goal.

Outrigger Canoeing — racing utilizing a type of canoe that includes one or more lateral support floats known as outriggers, which are mounted to 1 or both sides of the principle hull. Oil Wrestling — a form of wrestling known as Yağlı Güreş in Turkey, is the place the wrestlers cover themselves in oil. Northern Praying Mantis — a mode of Chinese martial arts, sometimes called Shandong Praying Mantis.

Paleta Frontón — a wall based racquet sport that originated in Peru. Paddleboarding — an individual kneels or lies susceptible on a board and uses their arms and arms to propel themselves via the water. Paddleball (four wall) — like racquetball/squash but played with a solid paddle racket.

Long Track Motorcycle Speedway — a version of motorbike speedway, but taking place on longer tracks at much larger speeds. Letterboxing— an outdoor sport that combines orienteering, artwork, and puzzle solving. Small weatherproof packing containers are hidden in publicly accessible places (like parks) and clues are distributed to finding the field. Lawn Mower Racing — motorsport the place members use race-modified lawn mowers. Land Windsurfing — just like traditional Windsurfing although performed on land somewhat than water, using a four-wheeled deck to travel throughout the floor.

Football — Around the world, Football largely refers to Association Football, also referred to as Soccer in some locations. Footbag Net — players should kick a footbag over a 5ft excessive internet.

  • Each participant attempts to strike their allocated ball by way of all of the gates and eventually strike the goal pole.
  • Gateball — a staff sport performed with a picket mallet and picket balls.
  • Hitball — an indoor staff sport from Italy in which players strike the volleyball sized ball into the opponent’s objective post solely using the upper limbs.

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It can be known asDirtboarding,Offroad Boarding, andAll-Terrain Boarding (ATB). Mountain Unicycling — an adventure sport that consists of traversing rough terrain on a unicycle. Mogul Skiing — snow skiers compete on a specifically designed downhill course, by which the first focus in on the method used for turns, aerial maneuvers, and velocity.

Hydroplane Racing — racing of hydroplanes on an oval course totally on lakes or rivers. Horseback Archery — taking pictures arrows at targets while using a horse. Hill Climb — riding on a motorcycle, one competitor at a time makes an attempt to journey up a very steep hill. The rider to achieve the top (if anybody makes it) with the shortest elapsed time wins.

Kettlebell Lifting — a weight lifting sport performed with kettlebells, that are heavy weights which resemble a cannonball with a handle. Kabaddi — a “raider” enters the opposite team’s half to tag opponents with out taking a breath. Jukskei — a folks sport from South Africa where rivals throw wood pins to try to knock down a target wood peg. Irish Road Bowling — opponents try to take the fewest throws to propel a metal ball along a predetermined course of nation roads.

Nine-Man Football — a variation of American Football for smaller colleges. Muggle Quidditch — the playable version of the game of Quidditch invented for the Harry Potter books. Muay Thai — a full contact combating sport by which fighters try to defeat their opponents through the use of completely different methods that make use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Mountainboarding — an action board sport like a snowboard with wheels or a cross-country skateboard.

Harness Racing — horses trot or tempo whereas pulling a driver in a sulky. Hare Coursing — hares are chased by greyhounds utilizing their sight rather than scent. Gymkhana — a multi-game equestrian occasion which is carried out to display the talents of the horses and their riders.