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Korfball — a blended gender ball sport which has similarities to netball and basketball, developed in The Netherlands. Jorkyball — a kind of indoor soccer performed on a small rectangular area surrounded by glass walls. Jetsprint — a excessive-pace boat racing sport during which a staff of two riders, race via a course by themselves in a time-trial format (also known as dash boat racing). Jet Ski Racing — a water sport much like powerboat racing, in which riders use jet skis to compete.

Buzkashi — a Central Asian sport like polo during which riders on horses attempt to tug a goat carcass towards the aim. Bridge — a card recreation which is played by four players, playing in two competing partnerships. Bowling — a basic term of a large vary of sports during which the player rolls a ball to knock down objects. Boßeln — a sport similar to the sphere style of Klootschieten played in Germany.

Matkot — a seashore paddle sport from Israel which is similar to seashore tennis. Luge — a Winter Olympic sport by which competitors race down an ice observe in a small one- or two-person sled mendacity supine (face up) and feet-first. Long Jump — a observe and area occasion the place the participant attempts to jump the longest right into a sand pit. Lawn Bowls — the objective is to roll biased balls in order that they stop near a smaller ball known as a “jack” or “kitty”. Lagori — from Southern India, this recreation entails a ball and a pile of flat stones.

Figure Skating — an artistic ice skating sport where athletes carry out routines on an ice rink. Includes the disciplines of Ice Dancing and Synchronized Skating. Expedition racing — an endurance event combining two or extra disciplines.

A small cue stick is used to strike a puck to hit small discs into the pockets. Nine-Ball — a version of Pocket Billiards performed with 9 balls, numbered 1 through 9. Most skilled tournaments are conducted for the 9-ball format of pool. Metro Footy — a modified version of Australian football performed on a rectangular field, predominantly within the USA.

Eight-Ball — a cue sport, which is among the hottest variants of pool, using 15 coloured balls numbered from 1 to 15. Dressage — an equestrian sport in which riders and horses carry out from reminiscence a sequence of predetermined events.

Over-the-line – a bat-and-ball sport associated to baseball and softball with just three folks per staff. Unlike the other sports, the batter and pitcher are on the same team. Novuss — a national sport in Latvia, with similarities to carrom and pocket billiards. Played on a 1 meter sq. wooden board with pockets in each corner.

Jereed — a traditional Turkish group equestrian sport in which the target is to throw blunt wooden javelins at players of the opposing group. Javelin — observe and subject occasion involving throwing a spear-like implement as far as potential. Inline Hockey — similar to ice hockey, gamers transfer around on a picket or concrete surface carrying inline skates. Indoor Soccer — an indoor version of Association Football developed in North America with aspect walls maintaining the ball in play.

  • The ball is usually struck with a naked hand in a recreation involving two teams produced from two as much as 5 gamers every (depending on the actual version played).
  • Valencian Pilota — is a conventional handball sport played within the Valencian Community of Spain.
  • Tennis Polo — an out of doors staff sport, where players try and throw a tennis ball via a aim defended by a goalkeeper with a tennis racket.
  • Unlike the original Basque Pelota, it is not performed towards a wall.

Endurocross — hybrid sport combining parts from Supercross, Enduro, and Trials (additionally known as or indoor enduro). Endurance Racing — a motorsport where teams of two or 4 race for lengthy distances, that tests their bodily endurance and the sturdiness of their autos.

Palant — a Polish sport with a lot of similarities to fashionable baseball performed utilizing a wood stick and a rubber ball. Paintball — a skirmish sport in which players compete to eliminate opponents by tagging them with capsules containing water soluble dye propelled from paintball weapons.

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Hammer throw — an Olympic track and field event in which a heavy weight on the finish of a wire is thrown for distance. Goalball — a Paralympic sport for blind athletes utilizing a ball with bells. Football Tennis — also known as futnet, played by kicking a ball over a low web, with a bounce allowed. Footbag — group of sports that is named after the ball (“Footbag”) that is used to play the game.

Playboating — a whitewater sport during which athletes on kayaks or canoes carry out various strikes in a set place known as the playspot. Picigin — a conventional water sport from Croatia in which the purpose is to prevent a small ball from touching the surface of the water.

Diving — an aquatic sport where athletes dive into water from a raised launch pad, while performing acrobatic movements. Players use sign language to speak with each other including the refs. Chess — a technique board game played by two gamers on a checkered gameboard with 64 squares arranged in an eight×8 grid. Catchball — a simpler version of volleyball by which the players catch and throw the ball rather than hit it. Carriage Driving — sports during which horses or ponies are hitched to a wagon, carriage, cart or sleigh via a harness.

Ice Speedway — just like Motorcycle Speedway Racing, although using a motorbike developed particularly for racing on ice. The bikes race anti-clockwise around oval tracks between 260 and 425 meters in length. Ice Dancing — one of the events in Figure Skating, which has its roots in ballroom dancing. High Jump — an Olympic Track and Field event in which the members attempt to leap over the best bar. Hardball Squash — like the indoor courtroom sport of squash, but with a a lot harder ball.