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The gondola or wicker basket suspended from the balloon, by which the pilot and passengers travel. A safety for the hand on a sword or a singlestick; a guard of a bladed weapon. A singlestick with a basket hilt.1773, Oliver Goldsmith, She Stoops to ConquerBaw! damme, but I’ll fight you each, one after the other——with baskets.

The act of putting the ball through the basket, thereby scoring points.The last-second basket sealed the victory. Natural supplies can vary from glossy and trendy to traditional and eclectic. Wicker baskets are some of the well-liked selections — and for good reason — however you’ll be able to select an eco-friendly bamboo basket for a similarly organic effect. The sturdier composition of wire and plastic baskets also makes them excellent heavy-duty choices, however they can be used to add a dash of fashion as nicely.

A basket is a collection of a number of stocks or other securities which have an identical theme. Basket orders execute a number of trades simultaneously. Basket orders require a program which executes all the trades at once. Most retail brokers additionally permit a person to create baskets and basket orders.

The ETF tracks the 30 Dow index stocks, however is prone to minor tracking errors. That stated, buying and promoting one instrument is more environment friendly than shopping for and selling 30 at a time. That is why baskets, like indexes and ETFs, exist. The dealer units up a basket order to buy the 30 Dow stocks with market-purchase-on-shut order.

For example, an index fund is a basket of stocks that meet certain standards. There are other baskets which may maintain only certain types of assets, such as shares from a certain sector, or futures contracts that align with a sure technique.

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This order sort, and the basket, allows all the trades to execute simultaneously on the closing bell. Traders may compile baskets of assets for varied reasons. They may need a basket of stocks which are part of a certain sector or business group. Traders will sometimes discuss with collections of shares as baskets.

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A sport in which two opposing groups of five players strive to place a ball through a hoop. Like most human actions, ballooning has sponsored heroes and hucksters and a good deal in between.

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A basket is a container manufactured from woven straw or different materials. You would possibly maintain your soiled garments in a plastic laundry basket.