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Most of the letters they receive find yourself within the wastepaper basket. A flower association in a big basket stood on a (flower) pedestal within the corner of the room. It takes great ability to weave a basket from/out of rushes.

If a country or organization is a basket case, its economy or finances are in a very unhealthy state. McGraw-Hill Dictionary of American Idioms and Phrasal Verbs.

In a web-based store, a notional place to store gadgets before ordering them. The construction hung from a balloon to carry personnel and tools. Dictionary apps Browse our dictionary apps right now and ensure you’re by no means once more misplaced for phrases. Get our free widgets Add the ability of Cambridge Dictionary to your web site utilizing our free search box widgets.

Ooh, the goalie took that shot proper within the dinner basket. Many of the most famous musicians started their careers eking out a dwelling in basket houses round Greenwich Village in New York City. A bar, café, or other public venue the place musicians perform and are paid only by the collection of money from the viewers in a basket or similar receptacle.

To find the answer, it is going to be necessary to slender our focus and examine the primary articles of the export basket during this era. Results indicate that thalamically evoked cortical responses are regulated predominantly by basket cells whose output is a key factor controlling excitability within the thalamocortical circuit. Improve your vocabulary with English Vocabulary in Use from Cambridge. Learn the words you need to talk with confidence.

The hottest technologies across all 4 cluster areas had been the compost basket and the improved sunken bed. Classical music appeared irrevocably destined to turn out to be the tradition business’s basket case. Four-yearold kids are inclined to pass the test (accurately predicting she will look for her marble in her basket).

Towards our goals in broadcasting, the press, the performing arts and the economy is an bold title for what is, indeed, a quite full basket. In this sense, all selections adopted by people present their preference for one basket over another basket out there.

  • What’s identified in regards to the origin of basket is that it comes from the Anglo-French bascat — past that, it is a thriller.
  • You can even attempt turning a woven basket on its side and fastening it to the wall for a straightforward and trendy shelving solution.
  • You can easily add a basket to any room, whether or not for ornamental or storage functions.
  • A wicker basket with liners works well as a container — simply place it in a shelving unit or closet to maximize your area.

andcannot carry a tune; can’t carry a tune in a bushel basket; can’t carry a tune in a bucket; can’t carry a tune in a paper sackFig. [to be] unable to sing a easy melody; lacking musical capacity. My weeks of worry were so intense that I was a real basket case afterwards. After that every one-day meeting, I was virtually a basket case. Instead of studying sensible issues like business management and economics, students these days are filling their days with underwater basket weaving and other such nonsense.

I spent most of my first year in school partying. On the precise educational front, nicely, most of my courses were in underwater basket weaving. I love Peter, however finally I had to give a basket to him as a result of we just want various things in life. I thought for sure that Denise and I have been going to get married—I by no means anticipated her to give a basket to me in the end. The phrase comes from an old German customized of leaving a basket on a former lover’s roof.

Middle English

If the unemployment price does not lower soon, the country goes to become a financial basket case. Sarah was so nervous on her first day of high school that she burst into tears after walking into the incorrect classroom. Her classmates checked out her like she was a whole basket case.

More examples The little kittens and their mom had been all curled up asleep in the same basket. We picked a lot of strawberries, however we’d eaten half the basket by the point we obtained residence. Add basket to certainly one of your lists below, or create a brand new one.

What Is Basketball?

Second, as a substitute of devaluing the dinar in the Eighties, leaders arbitrarily pegged it to a basket of convertible currencies. They embrace variants of the term used for the lengthy poles with a hook or small basket on the tip that are used for fruit-selecting.