George Foreman’s 10 Best Heavyweight Boxers of All Time

GEORGE Foreman is said to be one of the world’s boxing legends and he has fought against a number of other legendary boxers throughout a career that spanned four decades.
Foreman even still holds the record as the oldest heavyweight world champion at the age of 45 when he knocked out Michael Moorer in 1994.
So, the 71-year-old’s list of 10 best heavyweight boxers of all time clearly has very high validity and he puts his idol, Joe Louis, in first place.
The following is a brief explanation of the boxers who are included in the Foreman’s 10 best list of all time:

  1. Joe Louis, 371-14
    Louis was world heavyweight champion from 1937 to 1949 and throughout his 13 years of career he defended 25 titles. He was also one of the first black athletes to achieve national hero status in the United States. With a record 334 knockouts in 385 fights, he is considered one of the hardest hitting boxers of all time.
  2. Rocky Marciano, 49-0
    Marciano is still listed as the only heavyweight boxer who was not defeated until his retirement. He defended six times and was known for his forward-looking style, strength, and stout chin which made him too mighty for his opponents including Louis.
    3.John L Sullivan (no record)
    Sullivan is recognized as the world’s first heavyweight boxer and the last empty-handed boxer to fight by the London Prize Ring Rules. The Irish American known as John L started flying in the late 1800s and became the highest-paid athlete of his era.
  3. Jack Johnson, 70–11–11 (3)
    Johnson became the first black American boxer not to be certified as world heavyweight champion after defeating Tommy Burns in 1908 because of the color of his skin since turning professional in 1898.
    “The Galveston Giant” has been a hero in the fight against racism throughout his career, but has never had a chance to become world champion since losing to Jess Willard in 1915. Johnson, who relies on his speed and boxing technique, only recorded 35 KOs in his 70 victories.
  4. Muhammad Ali, 56–5
    Ali is known as a figure who raised the reputation of boxing and became an inspiration to many generations. He has beaten the great boxers of his era such as Sonny Liston, Floyd Patterson, Ken Norton, Joe Frazier and Foreman throughout his career.
    Ali is not only a genius at stringing words, but also in the movement of the legs and the combination of strokes in the ring.
  5. Floyd Patterson, 55–8–1
    Paterson was the youngest world heavyweight champion to win his title at 21 until Mike Tyson broke his record in 1986. Patterson is a shy and well-spoken person, but has a hard shot that has earned him the nickname “The Gentleman of Boxing.”
  6. Lennox Lewis, 41–2–1
    As a heavyweight boxer, Lewis has proven his prowess by defeating the strongest boxers like Tyson, Holyfield, and Vitali Klitschko. The British boxer has also lost only two defeats in his career, against Olivier McCall and Hasim Rahman, but has always managed to retaliate. That is, he defeated all the boxers he had ever fought against.