world sports

Pommel Horse — a male inventive gymnastics event by which the gymnast performs routines atop a symbolic horse. Pole Vault — an athletics event in which a competitor leaps over a bar utilizing a versatile pole. Pleasure Driving — a horse and carriage sport judged on a horse’s manners, performance, high quality and conformation. Platform Tennis — a variation of tennis with modified tools on a a lot smaller court surrounded on all sides by a fence.

Pitch and Putt — like golf, however on shorter holes and only a putter and a wedge are allowed. Pigeon Racing — the target is for each pigeon to return back to its house as quick as attainable. Pesäpallo — a Finnish variation of Baseball, the main distinction is that the ball is pitched vertically. Pencak Silat — a combating sport from Indonesia which collectively encompasses martial arts of varied styles. Pankration (Amateur) — A modern model of the Ancient Olympic sport of Pankration.

Shuffleboard — players use cues to push and slide weighted discs alongside a long court docket into a scoring area. Show Jumping — an equestrian event the place riders on horseback try to jump cleanly by way of sets of obstacles inside a specific time. Scurry Driving — ponies pull a carriage with two riders around a monitor. Sailing — a sport that entails shifting a boat by utilizing the ability of the wind.

Road Bowling — throw a small ball alongside a road, to cowl a prescribed distance with a set number of throws. Ringball — a courtroom sport from South Africa similar to netball. Rhythmic Gymnastics — makes use of the elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and equipment manipulation. Rec Footy — an accessible non-contact model of Australian Football.

Power Boat Racing — ocean-going powerboats races towards one another. Popinjay — a capturing sport with both bows or rifles, in which the bird-like target is suspended from a pole.

  • Motoball — similar to football, except all gamers (except goalkeepers) are using motorcycles, and the ball is far greater (also known as Motorcycle Polo).
  • Hurling — a Gaelic outside staff sport the place players use a wood persist with hit a ball between the opposing team’s goalposts.
  • Pärk (or Paerk) — an out of doors staff sport that originated in Gotland, where gamers hit or kick the ball to gain subject position.
  • Kronum — a group sport that mixes features of soccer, handball, basketball, and rugby into a single sport.

Electronic Sports

Rally Raid — an prolonged form of rally racing, carried out on an off-highway course which spans across a number of countries. Rally Racing (automotive) — auto racing that mainly happens either on unpaved roads in races in opposition to the clock. Quoits — a traditional goal throwing recreation by which rings are thrown at a target spike, the aim is to get them as shut as possible to the target. Quidditch — the sport invented for the Harry Potter books has been adapted for the actual world. Practical capturing — dynamic taking pictures sport utilizing handguns and moving and taking pictures over obstacles.

Rugby Tens — also known as ten-a-facet and Xs, is a variant of rugby union that originated in Malaysia, and is in style in lots of Asian countries. Roque — an American variation of croquet played on a tough, clean floor. Roping — a rodeo occasion the place calves or cows are caught by throwing around it a rope with a loop as shortly as possible. Robot Combat — entails custom built distant management machines fighting each other (not a sport).

Ski Orienteering — the objective for athletes is to navigate from the begin to the finish through checkpoints while using on skis. Ski Jumping — a form of skiing during which an athlete will take off a ramp and leap as excessive and much as attainable. Ski Flying — winter sport much like ski leaping in which the skier will come down and take off from a ramp and fly the farthest potential distance. Ski Cross — downhill snowboarding on a specifically designed course featuring massive jumps, rollers and high-banked turns. Skeleton — participants journey a small sled down a frozen observe facing ahead with the face down.