Baseball Game Outline

The game of baseball is a sport that is played as a team and is quite popular in North America, Latin America, the Caribbean, and East Asia. Even in some countries, baseball or baseball is used as the main sport. If in the United States, baseball is usually used to fill national leisure time (national pastime). Because some Americans spend a lot of time playing and watching baseball games.
Understanding the Game of Baseball

Baseball games are included in the category of small ball games according to the size of the ball used in the match. Baseball games are almost the same as softball games, both prioritize teamwork and teamwork to achieve victory. Baseball is arguably very popular in American countries because many people play this game there. Game rules were also developed in the United States from the bat and ball games played in England.
The Beginning of the History of the Game of Baseball in the World

Baseball became known in 1791 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, America. Precisely in 1903 in the British news published by Chadwick that baseball originated in England. This game originated from the sport of rounders and was already played by Henry Chadwick. However, this was immediately denied by Albert Spalding, that baseball is a sport that began in America. In resolving the problem of who the inventor of baseball was, a commission was appointed which was led directly by Abraham Mills, the 4th President of the National League Baseball professional club. The commission was running for 3 years, and the results of the search showed that Abner Doubleday was declared to be the inventor of this baseball sport. So that he was named the father of baseball. Baseball inventor Abner Doubleday was strengthened by the opinion of a Colorado mining engineer.
Equipment For Playing Baseball
Some of the equipment needed in a baseball game includes:

  1. Baseball ball
    The balls that are usually used are white, round in shape with red stitches, the material is made of leather or synthetic.
  2. Stick or Wood Bat
    The legal bat must be round, about 86 cm long, 7 cm in diameter, and the handle may be wrapped not more than 40 cm.
  3. Gloves (Glove)
    All players may wear leather gloves, for catcher and base 1 guard, thicker gloves, and other formats. For the catcher, without thumbs or a complete circle, for the pitcher and base 1 guard, it is also round. However, wearing a separate thumb. While the other players use gloves with five fingers apart.
  4. Shoes
    Legitimate shoes, namely those made of canvas, smooth leather, or the like. The sole may be flat or chiseled from rubber. Metal soles and heel plates may also be used, as long as the protruding pliers are no longer than three-quarters of an inch.
  5. Base or Perch
    There are four bases, namely base I, II, III, and IV or home plate. The home plate is made of rubber or other suitable material. It has a pentagon shape and measures 30-22-43-22-30 cm.
  6. Protector Catcher
    These three objects must be used by the catcher as a safety device for himself.